Andre Papanicolaou is a Montreal-based singer/songwriter, producer, touring and session guitarist. Over several years of recording and touring with other artists (Vincent Vallières, Daran, Pascale Picard Band, Patrice Michaud), Papanicolaou began to carry around a notebook and write down a series of essays, unfinished lyrics, and random ideas. This notebook would later be revisited in late 2011 and used as the basis for the lyrics of his first record, Into the Woods, Out of the Woods. (Spectra Musique).

Well received and reviewed across Quebec and Canada, Into the Woods, Out of the Woods established Papanicolaou as a name to remember on the up-and-coming artist short-list of listeners, music journalists, and concert promoters across the country.

After promoting and touring Into the Woods, Out of the Woods in 2013, Papanicolaou began once again to write and demo material for its follow-up. This time, enlisting Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers, The Slip) to co-produce and play on the record. Returning to the recording from the first record are Simon Blouin (drums) and Ghyslain-Luc Lavigne (engineering, mix) and featuring Ben Morier (Chic Gamine, Geneviève Toupin) on bass. This new collection of songs is an expansion on the sonic landscapes explored on the first record, pushing toward a more free, and adventurous sound. Essentially a meditation on family, love, loss, and the eb and flow of adult life, this sophomore record provides a snap shot of a maturing artist, coming into his own in both personal and artistic life.

Strange Nights will be released on February 3rd, 2015 through Spectra Musique and distributed on Universal/DEP.